Corrine is presented as Sheena's partner of sorts, and her closest friend before she meets the rest of the party. Corrine was a man-made summon spirit, created at the Elemental Research Laboratory in Meltokio. He hated the lab, however, because of the experiments the researchers performed on him. But once Sheena made a pact (her first successful one) with him, he was freed into her care. Corrine became what was probably Sheena's only real friend at that point, due to her alienation within Mizuho. Ultimately, Corrine sacrifices his life to save Sheena once Volt attacks the pact as she attempts to make a pact. His death devestates her, yet goes on to motivate her to carry on the journey to reunite the two worlds. In an optional sidequest, you can meet Verius, what appears to be a reincarnation of Corrine at the Temple of Martel in Iselia. He is known as the "Summon Spirit of the Heart," and explains that his transformation is a result of the care that the party and Sheena showed for him.

lloyd irving

Sheena and the game's hero, Lloyd, have somewhat similar personalities. Sheena is less apt to show it, but they're both caring, stubborn determined people whose primarily goals are to help those in need. Though Sheena's a little less dense than our hero. Anyway, Lloyd is instrumental in helping Sheena overcome her loneliness and fear of failure. He may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but he provides unconditional support and encouragement for his friends. On Sheena's end, Lloyd becomes someone she trusts and believes in, leading to her apparent "sacrifice" in the Tower of Mana to allow Lloyd to reach the top and battle Mithos. Additionally, there's a few hints that Sheena may have something of a crush on Lloyd if you make the right choices. There's potential for blushing and even a flat-out, "I want to be with you" from Sheena, though most of it goes over Lloyd's head.

raine sage

Sheena and the game's healer and resident archaeological maniac, Raine, don't get along well at all during the first part of the game. She is by nature distrustful, contrasting Lloyd and Colette's more happy-go-lucky attitudes, and whole "trying to kill the Chosen" thing doesn't exactly sit well with her. Raine is strongly opposed to Sheena joining the party but reluctantly agrees to heal her when they meet at Luin. Sheena's stubborn yet caring attitude, like Lloyd's, often clashes with Raine's logical one as they travel together. She often sees Raine as cold, while Raine sees Sheena as impulsive or soft. But Sheena proves to be a valuable ally and a trustworthy companion, and Raine comes to trust her.

colette brunel

The kind-hearted and somewhat airheaded Chosen of Sylvarant, Colette, likes Sheena as soon as the two meet. Despite the fact that their first meeting takes place as Sheena attacks the party and announces her intent to kill the Chosen. The assassination fails, but the party meets Sheena again, and things obviously progress from there. Colette continues to show relentless kindness to her assassin, and Sheena soon finds herself incapable of killing Colette and sends word back to Tethe'alla about the situation. As the two journey together, Sheena becomes closer to Colette, and is adamant about saving her when she loses her heart and is kidnapped on various occasions. The two remain close throughout the game.

zelos wilder

Ah, Zelos. The Chosen of Tethe'alla and everyone's favorite philanderer. He hits on everything with breasts, including Sheena. Especially Sheena. We're given the idea that Zelos' constant flirtations have gone on long before Lloyd and co. ever meet the two. Zelos gets on Sheena's nerves quite a bit, and she doesn't hesitate to vocalize this. Or hit him in the head, leading him to call her violent, demonic, etc. But there are hints that there's more to Zelos' attitude towards Sheena than just pure lust. As Sheena is about to stay behind in Tethe'alla at the Otherworldy Gate, to most likely be killed by Kuchinawa, Zelos grabs her at the last minute and pulls her through. Though Sheena grudgingly thanks him and Zelos reverts back into flirtation mode by suggesting a kiss as repayment, the fact remains that Zelos does appear to genuinely care about Sheena and her wellbeing.


Kuchinawa, a citizen of Mizuho whose parents were killed during Volt's attack, is one of the main sources of Sheena's guilt. Originally one of Sheena's friends, he ends up betraying both her and his village. Haboring a secret anger at Sheena for the Volt incident, he began to work with the Pope in an effort to get revenge. Sheena feels she deserves the anger that he has towards her, and agrees to a duel when confronted. During the time when the party is trapped by illusions in Welgaia, Sheena sees an illusion of Kuchinawa, a manifestation of her guilt, telling her she deserves to die. Lloyd, however, talks Sheena back to her senses. Sheena has the option to go through with the duel; if she loses, Kuchinawa is angry yet doesn't kill her. If she wins, he attempts to kill himself, but is stopped by Sheena or Lloyd, and then decides that he cannot be forgiven. At the end of the game, the people of Mizuho hope that Kuchinawa will come back and choose a better path.
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