Sheena fights with cards, which is second only in weirdness to the dude who fights with a kendama. But they're magic infused cards, which kind of makes sense. Kind of. Most of the cards she can equip have elemental affinities. Some of her cards are named for elements of Hindu and Buddhist mythology; Asura, a group of demons, Vajra, a word meaning "thunderbolt" and "diamond" and weapon of Indra, the god of rain, Yaksa, a nature spirit, and Acalanatha, one of the Five Guardian kings of Vajrayana Buddhism. Sheena also has three exclusive robes that only she can equip, Kannazuki, Nagazuki, Minnazuki, and Yayoi, all of which refer to the traditional Japanese names for months in the lunar calendar. Kannazuki is the 10th month, nagazuki the 9th, minnazuki the 6th, and yayoi the 3rd.

As for a battle strategy, I found that Sheena is one of the easier characters to master, provided that you get used to her fast and agile fighting style. My basic approach when using Sheena is relying on her speed. Her attack power isn't the strongest, but she's excellent at pulling off combos and then running to escape the enemy's attacks. Utilizing Techs is essential when using Sheena. I like to use Demon Seal and Pyre Seal, because they both knock over the enemy, leaving time to draw back while others take down the enemy or it begins to attack. Cyclone Seal is useful for that, too. Life Seal is especially important for Coliseum battles because it restores health. Also, if you can pay attention to enemies' elemental weaknesses, Sylva/Tethe Seals are very useful. And be sure to Summon any time Sheena goes into Overlimit! Summoning can't be interrupted, which is a huge plus.

In terms of EX Skills, I usually go with the combination of Lv3 Prolong, Lv2 Dash, Lv4 Add Combo, and Lv4 Speed Cast. Dash helps if you rely on speed like I do, Speed Cast is good if you use Tethe/Sylva Seals a lot, and the other skills help with attack effectiveness. This combination allows for the Compound EX Skills Quick Turn, Hard Hit, and Combo Force.

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