When I first saw screenshots of Symphonia in a gaming maganize, it caught my eye. As did the first screenshot of Sheena, because, really, what's cooler than a cute pink and purple ninja assassin? Long story short, I got Symphonia soon after it was released... and didn't like it at first. But as soon as I got to the part where all the party members "sacrifice" themselves to help Lloyd, I realized I loved it. It starts of rather boring, but builds up to an interesting story with extremely well developed characters.

Anyway, back to Sheena. I waited and waited for her to join my party, and when she did, she never left my four main fighters. I loved her tough persona, but also her vulnerability and kindness. Her relationship with Zelos is hilarious and sweet at the same time, and the way she and Lloyd interact caused me to get her ending on my first playthrough. I also enjoy fighting with her, because beating on enemies with paper is incredibly satisfying. Overall, I just think Sheena is just plain cool (ninjas often are), so I made this little site.

the website

I first started working on Emissary some time after I finished the game, while working on my Raine shrine at the same time. I think it was finished about a year after I started it, which just goes to show how lazy slow I am at working on projects.

The name "Emissary" comes from the fact that Sheena acts as an emissary through much of the game. She's an emissary to Sylvarant when we first meet her, only she's certainly not there to promote any sort of peace or understanding. She also acts as an emissary of Mizuho to the rest of the world. At the end of the game, she's sent again as an emissary to Sylvarant, only this time "the emissary of death becomes the emissary of peace," as the game states. Sheena's role as a link between the two worlds and Mizuho and the outside world is pretty interesting and integral to the plot, so that's why I choose this name!

Most information has been collected from the game itself by me, but some details were added thanks to Gamespot and Gamefaqs. Some images and other media came from the official site, Mizuho, and IGN. The costume artwork was found here. Sprites were taken from various ND3 screenshots. Z-Skit faces came from the Japanese fansite kit. The current layout features artwork from the OVA found at Abyssal Chronicles and lyrics from Air's song, Cherry Blossom Girl.

"Tales of Symphonia" and its characters © Namco. All other content belongs to Michelle.